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Colorful Backlight Gaming Keyboard 104 keys Suspended Keycaps Portable WiredUSB Metal Base Keyboard for Game


  • Light key pressure with resistance and bounce, clicky feedback,excellent keystroke feeling.

  • Stylish design, slim shape to lead the fashion.

  • Well build, solid and heavy that give you an excellent operatingexperience.

  • Unique suspended keys design, unique keystroke rhythm feeling.

  • Key flat comfortable, soft touch, smooth operation.

  • Highly Ciga keycaps, allowing you to operate each key is lightweightand comfortable.

  • Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard  Mechanical Handfeel

  •  Built in steel plate, more stable

  • USB cable USB connector anti-interference for greatest durability andsignal accuracy.

  • Keyboard Backlight  Switch is specified designed for
    those whose personal taste can make a mechanical keyboard for use.

  • Keyboard lines more durable and anti - interference

  • Heat resistance and corrosion resistance

  • Frosted chassis, unique floor mats, effective anti slip

  • USB plug

  • Colorful backlight, two kinds of backlight mode, brightness can beadjusted

  • Different LED brightness levels

  • Adjustable brightness rates, LED lights

  • 19keys strikes withoutconflict(Q,A,Z,W,S,X,E,D,C,B,Space,Up,Down,Left,Right,Tab、Art,Ctrl,Shift)

  • Support in the use of the computer off the keyboard after all the lights off
    Support the keyboard in the case of 10 minutes after the backlight into sleep, press any key to wake up.

  • Support volume roller

  • 13 multimedia keys

  • For those FPS games,use Fn+W exchange between“←”,“→”,“↑”,“↓” andA,D,W,S

  • Extension of hand care, to provide support for the wrist, morecomfortable to use

  • Mechanical handfeeling

  • Ergonomic keys design

  • The keyboard works amazingly in both the typing and gaming.

  • Ergonomically designed to fit your fingers and wrists, which caneffectively reduce the fatigue caused by intensive long hours gaming.

  • Key life:60 million times

  • Keyboard size:43 * 13 * 3cm(Approx)

  • Keys Count:104-key

  • Cable Length:1.5m

  • Interface:USB

  • Tactile:YES

  • Clicky:YES

  • USB interface: USB full speed 2.0

  • Cable: Fiber braided cabling

  • Weight:1400G

  • 43.5cm x 17 x 2.6cm

  • Compatible for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, ME, 2000 andApple puter OS...or latest

Keyboard operation:

  • Fn+F4:Quiet

  • Fn+F5:Media

  • Fn+F6:Pause/Play

  • Fn+F7:Volume Down

  • Fn+F8:Volume Up

  • Fn+F9:Webpage

  • Fn+F10:Mail

  • Fn+F11:Key Lock

  • Fn+F12:Win Lock

  • Fn+Esc:Brightness Medium,High Brightness,Breath of light,CloseDown

package contents:

  • 1x Keyboard



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