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Product Description:

1. produt with high quality

2. Comfortable to hold, high sensitivity

3. Make settings by Home button

4. Fit for the Wii remote interface

5. Can be connected with other devices by the two slots at the bottom


1. Size: approx. 13.4 x 6.9 x 2.7 cm

2. Cable length: 100 cm

3. Compatible with: Wii/GameCube

Usage Instructions:

Common problems:

1. "It can not be connected after connecting for several times, but before the controller is easy to be connected" solution:

Restart the host, because too many Bluetooth connecting times of the host will also lead to host data errors.

2. The solution of controller unable to synchronize:

Before inserting batteries, first press and hold the code matching button to discharge capacitor, then install thebattery to match code.

Solutions for the problems generally occur:

1. If the battery power is adequacy or not, or if the battery is poor contact.

2. Restart the host and the controller

3. The effective usage range of the controller is within 5m

4. Whether there is some signal interference


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WiseBuy Professional Classic Controller Gamepad for Nintendo Wii Remote White Hot

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